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The Top 3 Reasons People Get Their Air Ducts Cleaned.
Fire Prevention
Save On Gas & Electric Bills
Reduce Allergens


  • Dirty air ducts decrease air quality

  • Dryer vent cleaning for fire safety 

  • Clean air ducts can eliminate odors


  • Dirty air ducts cost money

  • Dirty trash chutes create odors

  • Clean furnace lasts longer

WHAT WE OFFERWhy Clean My Air Ducts?

Increase Efficiency
Eliminating Oders
Saving You Money
Reduce Allergens
Breath Clean Air
Improve Family Health

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Customers: ECO AIRDUCTS is a professional air duct cleaning service that offers the air quality control services your family needs.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Increased fire risk. Higher utility bills. Decreased air quality. These are some of the ways that clogged dryer vents affect a household.

Ventilation system ceiling air duct in large shopping mall

Duct Encapsulation

Encapsulating duct work instead of replacing it can save both time and money while sustaining a higher level of duct work efficiency.

Surface Sanitization

Sanitization is the process of reducing or getting rid of microbes on surfaces to make them hygienic.

Trash Chute Cleaning

If your residents are complaining about the smell coming from the trash chute, there’s no time to delay.

WHY ECO AIR DUCTS?We have over 15 years of experience
keeping your ducts free of debris

Treating Clients Like Family

Eco Air Ducts is a proud family owned and opperated Chicagoland company. We show our respect to our customers by being fully licensed bonded and insured. Our team attends continuing education courses to ensure we use the latest air duct cleaning techniques and following best industry practices. Call to schedule a free estimate. CALL: 847-416-6777

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ECO AIR DUCTS is an expanding and diverse enterprise that is focused on providing the benefits of clean indoor air to homes and offices of Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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