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How can cleaning dryer vents help you save money and reduce the risk of fire?

Increased fire risk. Higher utility bills. Decreased air quality. These are some of the ways that clogged dryer vents affect a household. Protect your family today with ECO AIR DUCTS’ top quality dryer vent cleaning services. A clean dryer vent reduces the risk of starting a fire. Your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard, so you save money on your electric bill, and that’s good for the environment too! Plus, you don’t have to worry about all of that lint feeding back into the air in your home. Call 847-416-6777 today to have ECO AIR DUCTS check your dryer vents for clogs and debris.

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Effects of Not Cleaning Dryer Vents

Damp loads of laundry. A buildup of lint and other debris can prevent your dryer from ventilating air and doing its job. A clogged dryer vent can result not only in soggy laundry, but money and energy wasted on multiple cycles. Cleaning your dryer vent keeps opening a clear passage of air that enables your dryer to function properly.

Excessive heat or humidity. A dirty dryer vent not only poses a fire hazard, it traps and relocates that excess heat back inside your home. Dryers already produce a lot of heat in order to dry your clothes, having that heat cycle back into your home can create an uncomfortable problem.

Musty odors. The trapped heat from a dirty dryer vent can also result in musty odors. It’s not just a matter of unpleasant smells, however, as the trapped heat and humidity can turn into mold, which is a serious health risk.

High utility bills. Just like your air conditioner or furnace, your dryer requires proper ventilation in order to function effectively. When the dryer vent is full of lint, it traps that excess heat into your home and it prevents your dryer from drying your clothes. Your dryer already uses a lot of energy, and both issues end up raising the costs on your utility bill.

House fires. The worst outcome of all is a house fire. A clogged up dryer vent is much more than a risk to your clothes and wallet. It’s important to remember than lint not only traps heat, it’s flammable. Make sure to keep your dryer vent and all other components clean of lint.

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EcoAirducts gave a very fair price and was able to come back with a team 2 days later. Great Service!

Sarina Vaga
Schamburg, IL

Juan was very professional, friendly and on time. They did an amazing job, anwsered my questions and showed before and after pictures of my vents. Wow they were dirty.

Debra Barlow
Chicago, IL

These guys were AWESOME! They were very nice and professional. They did a great job.

Highly Recommended!

Quantina Sims
Chicago, IL

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