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Encapsulating duct work instead of replacing it can save both time and money while sustaining a higher level of duct work efficiency. Coating the fiberglass liner or duct board not only increases the equipment’s longevity but also minimizes the cost of replacement. Encapsulating duct work improves indoor air quality by coating the system against dirt and dust while providing a “like new” surface that is resistant to mold, mildew and fungi. The product utilization for encapsulation contains EPA-registered components that make it resistant to bacterial growth while providing a smooth, semi-gloss finish that facilitates improved airflow.

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Why Encapsulation

Roughly, 50% of duct work is internally lined with fiberglass. Over a period, the fiberglass particulates from the internally lined duct work breaks down from air abrasion as well as fibers are loosened from improper duct cleanings such as a rotary brush. Under these conditions, fiberglass fibers circulate throughout your duct work and ultimately throughout your home or business. Additionally, duct work is built in sections and at each section break, you will find raw edges of fiberglass. The edges at the time of installation are supposed to be sealed, however, often this step is missed leaving exposed fiberglass. This exposed fiberglass then enters the duct work and is circulated through your home or business.

Prior to the late 1980’s transit pipe was used for duct work in homes. Transit pipe is made of cement and asbestos fibers. Over time, the asbestos fibers break down and are circulated throughout your home or business. Once inhaled, asbestos fibers can become a risk to your health including scarring your lungs, shortness of breath, cancer causing agents and more. Additionally, sheet metal duct work will oxidize overtime from the constant moisture passing through from your air conditioning unit. The moisture causes sheet metal duct work to break down forming a white powder pollutant. This pollutant is then circulated throughout your home exasperating asthma and allergies. Encapsulation will prevent both asbestos and the pollutants caused from oxidation from circulation into your home or business.

Encapsulation prevents air leaks and air infiltration to help create energy efficient homes and businesses. The sealing prevents loss of air and prevents irritants from entering the duct work. Such as allergens including pollen, dust, etc.,  Insects, vermin, fiberglass from attic and crawl spaces. Encapsulation is the solution to prevent loss of air, irritants and fiberglass in your duct work, home and business as well as meet building code standards



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