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ECO AIR DUCTS is a professional air duct cleaning service that offers the air quality control services your family needs. You can’t focus on things like household health and green living and then breathe indoor air that is more polluted than outdoor air. ECO AIR DUCTS can help by removing dangerous pollutants from inside air ducts such as mold, dust, and other debris. We use before and after photos of your air ducts to show you the actual benefits your family has received by having this work done. Best of all, if we check your air ducts and they don’t need to be cleaned, we won’t do it. There’s no risk, so why not have your ducts inspected annually?

Fire Prevention
Save On Gas & Electric Bills
Reduce Allergens

How Clean Are Your Ducts & Vents


Very impressed. They left me with considerable knowledge of our new heating/AC system.

Carolyn Wintner
Boston, MA

Not only were they the most thorough with the initial inspection, they also had the best price offer.

Michael Doe
Phoenix, AZ

They performed the most comprehensive inspection, and had the most knowledgeable handyman.

Sue Jones
Boston, MA

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ECO AIR DUCTS is an expanding and diverse enterprise that is focused on providing the benefits of clean indoor air to homes and offices of Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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